General information

The IREC Field Station (IREC FS) is located on Stott Rd Whitton and encompasses 45 ha of irrigation land, with a mixture of general/high security water and accompanying DES.

The 45 ha of land comprises of 15ha siphon layout and 30ha laid out to beds in roll over bankless channel irrigation system which is fully automated. The drainage recycle system includes a 10ML storage, which will be fully automated during the 2017 winter.

Also located at the IRECFS is a shed and demountable building.

The IREC FS is to be available for research. Any research conducted on the site each year and be the priority. During the 2017/18 irrigation season cotton must be grown on part of the automated Bankless channel layout as a CRDC funded project looking at the use and efficacy of animal manures will be undertaken. These research activities may result in a reduction of yield over a small percentage of the block.


  • Must have cotton planted on 30ha for the life of this agreement (5 years).
    IREC will guarantee adequate water to grow 30ha cotton at 8ML/ha.
  • Must cooperate/accommodate researchers.
  • The IREC FS must be open and available for field days and visitors

IREC FS Partnership Arrangement Expression of Interest Form