IREC Committee

At IREC, our committee is responsible for guiding the organisation towards achieving our vision, in line with our mission, and making decisions on behalf of our membership.

Please find below a list of our committee members – and how you can contact them.

IREC Chairman, Matt Toscan
Mobile: 0429 695 058 | Email: [email protected]

IREC Deputy Chairman, Dallas Stott
Mobile: 0428 552 763 | Email: [email protected]

Executive Officer, Iva Quarisa
Mobile: 0402 069 643 | Email: [email protected] 

Engagement Manager, Monica Armanini
Phone: 0491 380 399 | Email: [email protected] 

Project Officer, Virginia Porcile
Phone: 0474 648 044 | Email: [email protected] 

Agronomy, Hayden Petty- Email: [email protected]

Vegetable Industry – Nominations welcome

Wine Grapes Industry, Brian Bortolin – Email: [email protected]

Griffith & District Citrus Growers, Renzo Manente – Email: [email protected]

Leeton District Citrus Growers – Nominations welcome

Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, Graeme Kruger – Email: [email protected]

Ricegrowers’ Ltd (Sunrice), Mark Groat – Email:

Rice Extension, Troy Mauger – Email:  [email protected]

Maize Industry, Matt Toscan – Email: [email protected]

Cotton Industry, Kieran O’Keeffe – Email: [email protected]

Hort Innovation Australia, Adrian Englefield – Email: [email protected]

Murrumbidgee Irrigation, Ed Langdon – Email: [email protected]

Coleambally Irrigation, Bernie Star – Email: [email protected]

Deakin University, John Hornbuckle – Email: [email protected]

Charles Sturt University, Shamsul Haque – Email:

Riverina Local Land Services, Justin Vardanega – Email: [email protected]

NSW Department of Primary Industries, David Troldahl – Email: [email protected]

Murrumbidgee Private Irrigators, Iva Quarisa – Email: [email protected]

Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Matt Woodward – Email: [email protected]

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