IREC and its industry partners develop fact sheets to educate growers and the broader community on irrigated agriculture. The fact sheets are designed to be a practical tool that can be used as a helpful reference.


The IREC field site weather station is online. You can view the data at ozforecast:    Weather Station online   

Spray Awareness

Murrumbidgee Case Studies (Maximising  on-farm irrigation profitability project)

On Farm Trials

Have a listen to the podcasts on On-Farm Trials where Anthony Rudd, Iva Quarisa, Emma Ayliffe and Kieran O’Keeffe breakdown the steps involved in setting up and doing good on-farm trials.

Podcasts available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 1 – Importance of a solid process and flexible planning – Spotify or Apple.

Episode 2 – Trial methods and planning for your on-farm trials – Spotify or Apple.

Episode 3 – Provide insight into the on-farm trial process – Spotify or Apple.

Check out the power-point with good advice for on-farm trials – Power point presentation

Getting value from on-trial farm – Evidence based Agriculture

GRDC – Pulse Check Project

GRDC – Managing Ascochyta Blight in Chickpeas in 2020

GRDC – Northern Pulse Check 2019 wrap

GRDC – Aerating Stored Grain

GRDC – Fumigating with phosphine, other fumigants and controlled atmospheres

GRDC – Economics of on-farm grain storage

GRDC Update – Griffith 13 August, 2019

Rosemary Richards, GO Resources Pty Ltd
Super high oleic oil safflower – what is the fit for irrigators – Griffith Update 2019

Ehsan Tavakkoli, NSW DPI
Ameliorating sodic subsoil constraints under irrigation – Griffith Update 2019

Tony Napier, NSW DPI
Time of sowing impacts on lentil and chickpea performance – Griffith Update 2019

Chris Preston, University of Adelaide
Managing those hard to kill weeds – Griffith Update 2019

Breaking New Ground Forum – Griffith 8/8/19

Breaking New Ground – Airlie Hoskins_RFCS

Breaking New Ground Off Farm Investments – Scott Mildren & Paul O’Donnell (Brian McCleary & Co Accountants

IREC Field Day 2019 – Presentator’s Information

Dr Wendy Quayle (Deakin University)
Can chicken litter be used as a reliable supply of supplemental in-crop N and P whilst simultaneously improving long term soil health

Ben Macdonald and Dio Antille (CSIRO) 
Improving the Nitrogen use efficiency of cotton crops through better understanding the role of dissolved organic N
Is splitting N fertiliser a more efficient strategy

AGM Reports (are available in the Members Only section)

Business and Technology Forum Presentations June 2018

Business and Technology Forum Booklet

2018_19 Season Forecast and Dam situation (SHL_James Pirozzi)

Financials for forward planning (Rabobank_Steve Bourke)

Irrigation Automation, A QLD example (AgriTech Solutions_Steve Attard)

Protecting the business_succession, insurance & Super (CBA_Glen Wilson)

R&D in rice around the world (Sunrice_Russell Ford)

Seasonal Water Price Influences (Key Water _Anthony McCloskey)

Various images with local results (Independent Precision Ag_Thane Pringle)

Water Products, which one to choice (Riverina Agriconsultants_Michael Ryan)

Irrigation Trials

Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association Irrigation System Comparison 2016

Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association 2017 Field Day Booklet

Rice Industry

2020-21 Rice Crop Protection Guide

2018-19 Rice crop protection guide

2018-19 Rice variety guide

2017 Stem Rot alert – March

Controlling Armyworms in Rice

Rice Extension Newsletter October 16 compressed

Ricegrowers Water Tooklit

The 2016-17 Rice Growing Guide

Cotton Industry

Australian Cotton Production Manual 2018

Gwydir Valley Cotton Growers Association and GVIA 2016 Row Configuration Trial

Black root rot update Oct 2016

Considerations with a wet start

Cotton wet weather 2

Maize Industry

SLTEC_Maize Nutritional Guide

Winter Cereals

2020 NSW DPI Weed Control for winter crops

2020 NSW DPI Winter Crop Variety Sowing Guide

2019 NSW DPI Wheat Barley Oats Notes NVT Entries

2018 NSW DPI Irrigated Canola in Southern Cropping Systems

2019 NSW DPI Canola Notes and NVT Entries

2019 NSW DPI Faba bean Notes and NVT Entries

DPIRD-Frost Identification Guide for Canola and Pulses

Primefact – Drought affected canola and wheat feed quantity and quality decline in standing crops

2018 NSW DPI – Cereal Variety Field Day Notes (available in the Member only section)

2018 GRDC – Common Cropping weeds

2017 GRDC – Better Irrigated Wheat Agronomy

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