IREC and its industry partners develop fact sheets to educate growers and the broader community on irrigated agriculture. The fact sheets are designed to be a practical tool that can be used as a helpful reference.

2016 AGM Reports

2016 AGM Southern Plant Systems Report

2016 AGM – IREC Cotton industry report

2016 AGM Rice industry report

2016 AGM – 2016 Riverina Winegrape industry report

Irrigation Trials

Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association Irrigation System Comparison 2016

Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association 2017 Field Day Booklet

Rice Industry

2017-18 Rice Variety Guide

2017 Stem Rot alertMarch

Controlling Armyworms in Rice

Rice Extension Newsletter October 16 compressed

Ricegrowers Water Tooklit

The 2016-17 Rice Growing Guide 

The 2016-17 Rice Variety Guide

The 2016-17 Rice Crop Protection Guide

Cotton Industry

Australian Cotton Production Manual 2018

Gwydir Valley Cotton Growers Association and GVIA – 2016 Row Configuration Trial

Black root rot update Oct 2016

Considerations with a wet start

Cotton wet weather 2

Winter Crops

NSW DPI – Weed control in winter crops 2018 

NSW DPI – Winter Crop Variety Sowing Guide 2018

GRDC – Common Cropping weeds 2018

GRDC – better Irrigated Wheat Agronomy 2017

NSW DPI – Winter crop variety sowing guide 2017

NSW DPI – Canola Notes and NVT Entries 2017

NSW DPI – Faba bean Notes and NVT Entries 2017

Canola – notes and NVT entries 2016

Faba bean – notes and NVT entries 2016

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