At IREC, we provide the gateway for researchers, agencies and growers to communicate and collaborate on issues that impact on irrigated farming systems and the industry in the Murrumbidgee Valley.

As an independent voice, IREC is able to present a coordinated response, inform and develop new ideas, and in turn, influence the progression of aligned research activities.

Please find below the research activities in which we are currently involved.


IREC Field Day 2019 – Presentator’s Information

Dr Wendy Quayle (Deakin University)
Can chicken litter be used as a reliable supply of supplemental in-crop N and P whilst simultaneously improving long term soil health

Ben Macdonald and Dio Antille (CSIRO) 
Improving the Nitrogen use efficiency of cotton crops through better understanding the role of dissolved organic N
Is splitting N fertiliser a more efficient strategy


Maximising On-farm Irrigation Profitability

This project is a component of a joint Rural Research and Development Corporation project titled Smarter Irrigation for Profit. The project is supported by funding from: The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its Rural R&D for Profit Programme, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

  • In the Murrumbidgee Valley, the project is examining the effect of reduced deficit irrigation on nitrogen use efficiency and water use efficiency in irrigated cotton.
  • At Jerilderie, the project is investigating what crop and management regime will allow continuous double cropping in the rice farming system.
  • The Numurkah site explores the productivity and profitability of maize through better nitrogen and water management.

Read the latest Fact-Sheet-for-MAX-project.

Optimising the Management of Manures in Southern NSW Cotton Production

Deakin University researcher, Dr Wendy Quayle, is running this Cotton Research and Development Corporation funded project. The “Manure Project” is investigating the benefits of using animal manure in cotton production systems. This research is being undertaken at the IREC Field Station site in Whitton.

IREC is also involved in the following projects:

Read the latest Fact-Sheet-Manure-project.

CRDC Thrips IPM Project

Led by Dr Sandra McDougal, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation funded three-year project commenced in July 2014. The prime focus of the NSWDPI research team is to validate thrips thresholds in southern cotton crops.

The secondary purpose of the project is to compare southern invertebrate pest and beneficial populations to northern systems. The IREC field station was used, as a satellite site for the project and IREC will communicate the project findings.

Read the latest fact-sheet sth-cotton-ipm-handout-sept-2016.

NSWDPI Southern Irrigated Cereal and Canola Project

This comprehensive project spans across the Murrumbidgee and Murray Valleys in NSW and Victoria. The core research in the Murrumbidgee centres around irrigated varieties of both cereal and canola, investigating sowing rates, water use efficiency and nitrogen timing and rate. IREC is tasked with providing communication services.

Read the latest Fact-sheet- irrig-wheat-canola-project.

Division 3 Channel Automation

Murrumbidgee Irrigation (MI) is exploring the automation of the MI channel system, using Division 3 at Whitton as a pilot. The IREC Field Station at Whitton is one of the Division 3 outlets that will be automated. IREC is working in collaboration with MI on this project to assist with the customer consultation process.

Read the latest Fact-Sheet-PIIOP-2.

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