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In 2004, IREC instituted the Lifetime Achievement Award in Irrigation and the IREC Irrigators Hall of Fame. The award recognises irrigators who have contributed significantly to the advancement of irrigated agriculture in the Murrumbidgee Valley.

The award, which is granted as appropriate rather than on annual basis, acknowledges the outstanding efforts of irrigators who have helped shape farming and production practices, and have had a positive impact on the industry’s progression.

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Lifetime Achievement Awards recipients

Hall of fame1
Warren Muirhead (2014)
Warren Muirhead, a long-time irrigation and agricultural scientist with CSIRO at Griffith. He has been recognised for his outstanding lifetime contribution to research, extension and the training of young scientists in the irrigation industry of the Murrumbidgee Valley.

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Clive Polkinghorne (2007)
Clive Polkinghorne, a distinguished 50-year career surveying and improving irrigation development and design in the MIA. He designed farm plans and recycling systems for many large area farms in the region, as well as tile drainage systems on horticultural farms.

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Roy Sainty (2005)
Roy Sainty, a horticultural farmer with a passion for knowledge and extension of research, producing prunes and grapes at Hanwood. He instigated and became president of several groups and associations in the MIA, including IREC chairman for 21 years.

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Hall of fame2
Marvin Amaro (2004) – inaugural recipient
Marvin Amaro, a pioneer grower of tomatoes, rockmelons, lettuce seed and maize in the Murrumbidgee Valley. He was an innovator of irrigation techniques and farm mechanisation for broadacre horticultural production.

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